Official Transcript of Heidi Baker’s Prophetic Word for the UK November 2014 November 27, 2014 at 3:00pm

This is the Official Transcript of Heidi Baker’s Prophetic Word for the UK November 2014
November 27, 2014 at 3:00pm

Heidi Baker | 16th November 2014 | Prophetic Word for the UK

Don’t leave us like this. Don’t leave England like this. Don’t leave the UK like this. Take us deeper God. Lord let there be healing on the streets. I just feel like there’s revival that God has promised in this nation. It’s another wave of revival that He’s promised. I feel like it’s going to come as we go. It’s going to come as we go…it’s going to come as we go, says the Lord. This revival of radical love is going to come as we go. It’s each one of us just taking a hold of the love of God, taking a hold of the heart of God, taking a hold of the mercy of God. Fixing our eyes on Jesus the author and the finisher. As we go, one by one by one by one, there’s going to be a lighting up in the hearts of men and women in this city…in this nation. This move of God is different than you’ve ever seen before says the Lord. It’s different than you’ve ever seen before says the Lord. No one is going to point to one evangelist. No one’s going to point to one mighty preacher. No one’s going to point to one mighty event, but there’s going to be this emersion of the Father’s love, this emersion of Holy Spirit, this emersion, this infilling of God within the hearts of individuals and with the hearts of the body of Christ.

There is going to be a movement of unity within the UK that’s going to shake the world says the Lord. I hear the prophetic word of the Lord. It’s going to flow through the universities, the colleges and universities. It’s going to flow through the denominations and the non-denominations. There’s going to be a move of unity in the body of Christ. You are going to fill Wembley Stadium. You’re going to fill stadiums with worshippers of the living God. There is going to be this holy affection before the Lord. They’re not even going to know who is speaking in the stadium. They’re not going to even know the name of the preachers, because they are coming fixing their eyes on Jesus. It’s going to shake the nation says the Lord. There’s going to be a unity even between Scotland and Ireland and the UK. He’s going to shake shake shake shake. There’s going to be a shaking that’s going to bring a unity says the Lord.

There’s going to be something that the people of other faiths are going to see in this nation as believers come together in radical love. You are going to be a part of the history, the part of the history in this nation, says the Lord. There’s going to be another historical move of God. I see a shaking of radical love. I see people in the body of Christ, and your going out, I see a vision of it. As you go out, I know you are sons and daughters, but you are going out like ants. You are going out like ants, like ants, like little ants. You’re going out like little ants and you are digging digging digging digging like a little ant. Like little ants your digging and there’s something specific happening as you start just lining up in this unity There’s going to be unity beyond anything the UK has ever seen. I feel like you are going to become radical lovers of God that is going to cross all denominations, all the barriers. I feel like church history is going to be made in this place again and you are going to be a part of the history, because instead of burning people at the stake, there is going to be radical love manifested through the body of Christ. And it’s like there is something that is going to be happening in the body of Christ in the UK. I hear the Lord so clearly, it’s this radical movement of unity where there is going to be so much of Holy Spirit’s presence in the individual believer that they’re literally going to cross different streams and they are going to move together in this huge river of radical love that is going to flow over the banks of the UK. It’s going to flow over the banks. It’s going to be like this hot bed and out of the UK it’s going to become a mighty move of the Spirit. It’s going to touch even unto the continents says the Lord.

There’s going to be a reawakening, a reawakening of love, a reawakening of unity, a reawakening of the Spirit. It’s like the other faiths and the other religions are going to take notice when the Christians come together in radical love across streams. They don’t care and they won’t care what they are called. It’s interesting what I hear, there is going to be diversity in the unity. There is going to be diversity in the unity, uniqueness in the unity. People are going to come together uniquely different and yet flowing together in unity. It’s not like you are going to come together with a fake unity where all your doctrines are the same or all your beliefs are the same, but you are going to come together for the prize. You are going to come together for the prize. He says I will give you souls. I will give you souls. I will give you souls…souls, souls, souls, souls. There is going to be another great awakening coming out of this place. I see a great awakening that is touching the universities. There is going to be a fire and glory and love on the universities. There’s going to be a move between denominations that’s going to blow your mind says the Lord. This is from God’s heart and it is a passion on Daddy’s heart that is hard to understand but there has been this longing in the heart of daddy God. A longing in the heart of the Father for this move that He longs for and that He has destined this place for, that He has destined UK for. He has destined it in His spirit. And I see it. Hebrews 3 says, therefore, holy brothers fix your eyes on Jesus. Holy brothers who share in the heavenly calling. Holy brothers, holy sisters who share in the heavenly calling. Our calling is to be radical lovers of God. With all our mind, our soul, our heart, and our spirit and to love our neighbor has ourself. These are the greatest commandments.

I walked passed a massive cathedral yesterday and I said “oh are people in there worshipping?” And they said, “no it’s a tourist attraction.” I said “God, what are you about to do in this nation?” He said, “As people come together in unity, there is going to be this radical unity, where people are individuals yet they are moving in this power of love that is going to shake the UK.” I saw it in the spirit. And these buildings are going to be full and there is not going to be a name of a preacher on the invitation. It’s going to be about fixing your eyes on Jesus and people are going to come for Jesus to fix their eyes on Jesus. The Lord will raise up different people, but everybody’s affections are on Him. It’s a powerful thing. He is building the house. He is building the house. Heavenly brothers heavenly sisters, you share in this heavenly calling. You are called to shine. You are not called to sit away in the corner. We are going to shine because we are full of Holy Spirit and we love each other.


A Prophetic Word for November

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We’ve been praying and fasting this weekend for the Lord to speak to us about our direction for this month.

The word given was that this month of November would be a month which we should refer to as MoreVember. It would be a time of double portion; a More for all the times we have said No to the world as we try to live in obedience to our callings and lives as Christians.

This would also be a month where an abundance of miraculous healings would take place in our homes and communities; words of knowledge and boldness to speak out what the Lord was nudging us to say would become more prevalent. For many of us, it would be a gut feeling but the Holy Spirit is whispering to us us to draw closer for the boldness to speak out what the Lord wants others to say.

He is a God of Love and Restoration.

Some verses to ponder:

Isaiah 61:7
Instead of shame and dishonor, you shall have a double portion of prosperity and everlasting joy.

Psalm 41:3
The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.

Jeremiah 7:23
but I gave them this command: Obey me, and I will be your God and you will be my people. Walk in obedience to all I command you, that it may go well with you.

Psalm 128:1
Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in obedience to him.

Singleness? WTF!


Some friends of mine have been praying into the situation of why so many people are single in the church and in the nation. Why so many broken relationships and broken hearts? Why so much theft of identity? Why so much loss of hope?  The Lord has sent them visions. Here is what my friend writes:

So a bunch of us have been praying for marriage for a little while now – marriage in the church generally, marriage in the nation, and yes marriage for us individually.

It’s become clear that a significant part of the reason for the amount of singleness and other marriage related problems across the church, and the nation, has been spiritual attack by the enemy (seriously).

The amazing and great news is that we have been making real progress in praying against this attack and taking back ground from the enemy, and changing things in this area (and not forgetting prayer by many others for this area).

After 7 x1 hour sessions of prayer this year, the Lord simultaneously dropped the same picture into 3 people present at the last meeting. It was a big field, seen from one corner, with other big fields beyond it. It had just been freshly ploughed, with a tractor trailing a plough off to one side of the field, driving off. This was immediately followed by a 2nd picture showing the same field but covered with fresh green shoots coming up all over, and then a 3rd picture showing the field full of golden glowing ripe corn, blowing in the breeze under the sun. Because of spiritual warfare and breakthrough, there is going to be a huge harvest of Godly marriages across the church in this nation, and I hope and expect, across the nation in general.

These prayer sessions continue once a month, as there is an ongoing battle to fight, and there is currently a need for more men to join us. The next meeting is this Sunday at a central London location, at a convenient time. Meetings are mainly us praying freely as we feel led and whatever comes to mind, and you can arrive or leave as needed. There is no commitment required but if you would like to join us and pray, you are most welcome.

So, here they are in London, UK, praying for singleness when across the world, somewhere in the Middle East, I, too, have been hearing this chapter from the Lord each time I’ve gone to him in wonder and bemusement about being single and the random people I meet and how to navigate the complexities this life situation brings: MARK 4

Here, too, is the situation we find ourselves in:

Isaiah 4 The Message (MSG)

4 That will be the day when seven women
will gang up on one man, saying,
“We’ll take care of ourselves,
get our own food and clothes.
Just give us a child. Make us pregnant
so we’ll have something to live for!”

God’s Branch

2-4 And that’s when God’s Branch will sprout green and lush. The produce of the country will give Israel’s survivors something to be proud of again. Oh, they’ll hold their heads high! Everyone left behind in Zion, all the discards and rejects in Jerusalem, will be reclassified as “holy”—alive and therefore precious. God will give Zion’s women a good bath. He’ll scrub the bloodstained city of its violence and brutality, purge the place with a firestorm of judgment.

5-6 Then God will bring back the ancient pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night and mark Mount Zion and everyone in it with his glorious presence, his immense, protective presence, shade from the burning sun and shelter from the driving rain.

Also, Living Translation:

Isaiah 4 Living Bible (TLB)

4 At that time so few men will be left alive that seven women will fight over each of them and say, “Let us all marry you! We will furnish our own food and clothing; only let us be called by your name so that we won’t be mocked as old maids.”

2-4 Those whose names are written down to escape the destruction of Jerusalem will be washed and rinsed of all their moral filth by the horrors and the fire. They will be God’s holy people.[a] And the land will produce for them its lushest bounty and its richest fruit. Then the Lord will provide shade on all Jerusalem—over every home and all its public grounds—a canopy of smoke and cloud throughout the day, and clouds of fire at night, covering the Glorious Land, protecting it from daytime heat and from rains and storms.

Here’s what I think I heard the Lord say:

This is the situation you’ve been in for a while now. Women trying to do everything by themselves. They have been broken and rejected and therefore have rejected the men in their lives. The enemy has tried to divide, conquer and steal but now I stay Stand Strong! I will deliver! There is a rich inheritance about to flood the hearts and souls of many who have cried out for a lifelong, godly partner. But first, purify yourselves in my holy fire and love. Repent of all your sins and shame and you will sing a new song unto the Lord. I am the rewarder of those who earnestly seek my face. I will deliver you from this loneliness, confusion, pain, shame, guilt and despair for I am the God who heals and every nation will call be Blessed Redeemer, the Ancient of Days. New ground to be broken and new action will be taken. Believe in me and I will bring you forward with me. Is there anything too hard for the Lord? Didn’t I set a bush on fire to get the attention of Moses when he was at his wits’ end? But I had a greater plan for him just as I have a greater plan for you. We will work together. A new challenge will be met with joy! New things will happen right now before your eyes. Things you thought were once impossible. Many people have given up on the silent hope of being married and having a family. I say RISE UP! Get up and walk! Walk forward through the endless possibilities of joy through the open door which has been flung so wide and with such a force of prayer and cries that the hinges have fallen off! Godly homes where shelter from daily heat and grind will take over cities, nations and the world will know that I am the God who loves you back to life. Isaiah 4 v 6: It will be a shelter from daytime heat and a hiding place from storms and rain. NLT.

Also, Isaiah 5 is the Lord emphasising to us about purity and the dangers  on our judgement of too much alcohol and how this has created the relationship statuses we find ourselves in today. We must urgently repent, step away from the booze and call out to the Lord for forgiveness: Isaiah 5 Living Bible (TLB)

5 Now I will sing a song about his vineyard to the one I love. My Beloved has a vineyard on a very fertile hill. He plowed it and took out all the rocks and planted his vineyard with the choicest vines. He built a watchtower and cut a winepress in the rocks. Then he waited for the harvest, but the grapes that grew were wild and sour and not at all the sweet ones he expected.

Now, men of Jerusalem and Judah, you have heard the case! You be the judges! What more could I have done? Why did my vineyard give me wild grapes instead of sweet? I will tear down the fences and let my vineyard go to pasture to be trampled by cattle and sheep. I won’t prune it or hoe it, but let it be overgrown with briars and thorns. I will command the clouds not to rain on it anymore.

I have given you the story of God’s people. They are the vineyard that I spoke about. Israel and Judah are his pleasant acreage! He expected them to yield a crop of justice, but found bloodshed instead. He expected righteousness, but the cries of deep oppression met his ears.[a] You buy up property so others have no place to live. Your homes are built on great estates so you can be alone in the midst of the earth! But the Lord Almighty has sworn your awful fate—with my own ears I heard him say, “Many a beautiful home will lie deserted, their owners killed or gone. 10 An acre of vineyard will not produce a gallon of juice! Ten bushels of seed will yield a one-bushel crop!”

11 Woe to you who get up early in the morning to go on long drinking bouts that last till late at night—woe to you drunken bums. 12 You furnish lovely music at your grand parties; the orchestras are superb! But for the Lord you have no thought or care. 13 Therefore I will send you into exile far away because you neither know nor care that I have done so much for you. Your great and honored men will starve, and the common people will die of thirst.

14 Hell is licking its chops in anticipation of this delicious morsel, Jerusalem. Her great and small shall be swallowed up, and all her drunken throngs. 15 In that day the haughty shall be brought down to the dust; the proud shall be humbled; 16 but the Lord Almighty is exalted above all, for he alone is holy, just, and good. 17 In those days flocks will feed among the ruins. Lambs and calves and kids will pasture there!

18 Woe to those who drag their sins behind them like a bullock on a rope.[b] 19 They even mock the Holy One of Israel and dare the Lord to punish them.[c] “Hurry up and punish us, O Lord,” they say. “We want to see what you can do!” 20 They say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.

21 Woe to those who are wise and shrewd in their own eyes! 22 Woe to those who are “heroes” when it comes to drinking and boast about the liquor they can hold. 23 They take bribes to pervert justice, letting the wicked go free and putting innocent men in jail. 24 Therefore God will deal with them and burn them. They will disappear like straw on fire. Their roots will rot and their flowers wither, for they have thrown away the laws of God and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel. 25 That is why the anger of the Lord is hot against his people; that is why he has reached out his hand to smash them. The hills will tremble, and the rotting bodies of his people will be thrown as refuse in the streets. But even so, his anger is not ended; his hand is heavy on them still.

26 He will send a signal to the nations far away, whistling to those at the ends of the earth, and they will come racing toward Jerusalem. 27 They never weary, never stumble, never stop; their belts are tight, their bootstraps strong; they run without stopping for rest or for sleep. 28 Their arrows are sharp; their bows are bent; sparks fly from their horses’ hoofs, and the wheels of their chariots spin like the wind. 29 They roar like lions and pounce upon the prey. They seize my people and carry them off into captivity with none to rescue them. 30 They growl over their victims like the roaring of the sea. Over all Israel lies a pall of darkness and sorrow, and the heavens are black.

I had this vision a few weeks ago and I feel like the Lord was speaking to me about it today as well with the following verses from the above chapter 5 (9&10): But the Lord Almighty has sworn your awful fate—with my own ears I heard him say, “Many a beautiful home will lie deserted, their owners killed or gone. 10 An acre of vineyard will not produce a gallon of juice! Ten bushels of seed will yield a one-bushel crop!”

Verses 16&17: 16 but the Lord Almighty is exalted above all, for he alone is holy, just, and good. 17 In those days flocks will feed among the ruins. Lambs and calves and kids will pasture there!

Many, like myself, have found much comfort through booze and I feel like the Lord is saying we must stop this. This will bring breakthrough. Our judgment has been impaired and mistakes have been made. Turn to Him! He is our healer and He loves us. Nothing is impossible. The vineyard that was deserted will be so fruitful, our barns will be bursting! There will also be an increase in marriages between nations so that the gospel will go into every home in every land. Stand firm. Pray at all times and in all circumstances especially before we speak. The truth of the Lord will prevail and His light will shine into all the darkest corners of the earth. What we whispered in the dark will now be seen in the light.  This is a good thing.   Our silent tears, silent fears will be healed and covered in the Holy Spirit Balm and the world will gasp in awe and reverence of the Lord’s power in these answered prayers. Keep going!

THE VISION, 21st September, 2014, Somewhere in a Middle Eastern Land, far, far away:  Bright light doorway. I went through. The Lord was with me. He was holding my hand. We went through the doorway of a garden wall and into what was like an old courtyard from the Roman times – an open courtyard. We walked around the columns of the house. The entire place was empty. There were leaves everywhere and a breeze was blowing. No one was there. I felt like it represented the hearts of many believers who had been waiting on the Lord and been obedient to His call but had lost many things in the process – many people had abandoned them, the locusts of life had destroyed the lives of others around them and taken them. They were lonely and isolated but they weren’t alone. They had been gifted with contentment and peace amidst circumstances beyond their control, enemy theft and attack. They had stood firm when others had fled but they held on with love and felt no animosity towards those who had left them to stand alone. They had been waiting for the visitor to arrive – the visitation of answered prayer. They longed for the house to be filled with people and with laughter again; for a thriving family and community of love and grace and prosperity; the renewal and abundance of crops and reward for vigilance and obedience. They had been watching and waiting prayerfully. They had been interceding and had lost many things. Hope was dwindling. Their bodies were heavy, their throats dry, their ears sore, their eyes stung. How long, Lord? Is it me, Lord? Search me and know my heart, Lord. What can I do, Lord? They were tired but had great supernatural peace and contentment but were exhausted. Their bones groaned. Every day, they waited expectantly as they walked around the courtyard and outside to look over the beautiful, fertile valleys. Every day. But no one came.

There was great potential in this home and beautiful courtyard. It was like something from a Vogue Living magazine – a before and after picture shoot. It was like He was giving us this home to redecorate and money was no object. The climate was warm, there were olive trees and a vineyard outside with space to rear animals.

I felt excited to be there and see its potential but also sad and asked the Lord to please help us fill these homes again.

I asked the Lord to help me understand what He had shown me. He lead me to these passages in the OT.

HABUKUK 2;2  This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on its way. It will come right on time.

Isaiah 51 The Message (MSG)  Committed to Seeking God 

51 1-3 “Listen to me, all you who are serious about right living and committed to seeking God. Ponder the rock from which you were cut, the quarry from which you were dug.
Yes, ponder Abraham, your father, and Sarah, who bore you. Think of it! One solitary man when I called him, but once I blessed him, he multiplied.  Likewise I, God, will comfort Zion, comfort all her mounds of ruins.  I’ll transform her dead ground into Eden, her moonscape into the garden of God, A place filled with exuberance and laughter, thankful voices and melodic songs.

4-6 “Pay attention, my people. Listen to me, nations. Revelation flows from me. My decisions light up the world. My deliverance arrives on the run, my salvation right on time. I’ll bring justice to the peoples.
Even faraway islands will look to me and take hope in my saving power. Look up at the skies, ponder the earth under your feet. The skies will fade out like smoke, the earth will wear out like work pants, and the people will die off like flies. But my salvation will last forever, my setting-things-right will never be obsolete.

7-8 “Listen now, you who know right from wrong, you who hold my teaching inside you: Pay no attention to insults, and when mocked don’t let it get you down. Those insults and mockeries are moth-eaten, from brains that are termite-ridden, But my setting-things-right lasts, my salvation goes on and on and on.”

Throats – my throat and ears are sore and have been for over a week. My body aches, too, so I googled THROATS and ACHE in the BibleGateway:

Psalm 107:4-9  Some of you wandered for years in the desert, looking but not finding a good place to live, Half-starved and parched with thirst, staggering and stumbling, on the brink of exhaustion. Then, in your desperate condition, you called out to God. He got you out in the nick of time; He put your feet on a wonderful road that took you straight to a good place to live. So thank God for his marvelous love, for his miracle mercy to the children he loves. He poured great draughts of water down parched throats; the starved and hungry got plenty to eat.  In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

Psalm 107:23-32  Some of you set sail in big ships; you put to sea to do business in faraway ports. Out at sea you saw God in action, saw his breathtaking ways with the ocean: With a word he called up the wind— an ocean storm, towering waves! You shot high in the sky, then the bottom dropped out; your hearts were stuck in your throats. You were spun like a top, you reeled like a drunk, you didn’t know which end was up. Then you called out to God in your desperate condition; he got you out in the nick of time. He quieted the wind down to a whisper, put a muzzle on all the big waves. And you were so glad when the storm died down, and he led you safely back to harbor. So thank God for his marvelous love, for his miracle mercy to the children he loves. Lift high your praises when the people assemble, shout Hallelujah when the elders meet!

Psalm 12:5  Into the hovels of the poor, Into the dark streets where the homeless groan, God speaks: “I’ve had enough; I’m on my way To heal the ache in the heart of the wretched.”  In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

Psalm 56:8  You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights, Each tear entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book.  In Context | Full Chapter Other Translations

Psalm 102:3-11  I’m wasting away to nothing, I’m burning up with fever. I’m a ghost of my former self, half-consumed already by terminal illness. My jaws ache from gritting my teeth; I’m nothing but skin and bones. I’m like a buzzard in the desert, a crow perched on the rubble. Insomniac, I twitter away, mournful as a sparrow in the gutter. All day long my enemies taunt me, while others just curse. They bring in meals—casseroles of ashes! I draw drink from a barrel of my tears. And all because of your furious anger; you swept me up and threw me out. There’s nothing left of me— a withered weed, swept clean from the path.  In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

Proverbs 31:4-7  “Leaders can’t afford to make fools of themselves, gulping wine and swilling beer, Lest, hung over, they don’t know right from wrong, and the people who depend on them are hurt. Use wine and beer only as sedatives, to kill the pain and dull the ache Of the terminally ill, for whom life is a living death.  In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

Isaiah 38:9-15  This is what Hezekiah king of Judah wrote after he’d been sick and then recovered from his sickness: In the very prime of life I have to leave. Whatever time I have left is spent in death’s waiting room. No more glimpses of God in the land of the living, No more meetings with my neighbors, no more rubbing shoulders with friends. This body I inhabit is taken down and packed away like a camper’s tent. Like a weaver, I’ve rolled up the carpet of my life as God cuts me free of the loom and at day’s end sweeps up the scraps and pieces. I cry for help until morning. Like a lion, God pummels and pounds me, relentlessly finishing me off. I squawk like a doomed hen, moan like a dove. My eyes ache from looking up for help: “Master, I’m in trouble! Get me out of this!” But what’s the use? God himself gave me the word. He’s done it to me. I can’t sleep— I’m that upset, that troubled.  In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

Habakkuk 2:2-3  [ Full of Self, but Soul-Empty ] And then God answered: “Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on its way. It will come right on time.  In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

Matthew 23:37-39  “Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Murderer of prophets! Killer of the ones who brought you God’s news! How often I’ve ached to embrace your children, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you wouldn’t let me. And now you’re so desolate, nothing but a ghost town. What is there left to say? Only this: I’m out of here soon. The next time you see me you’ll say, ‘Oh, God has blessed him! He’s come, bringing God’s rule!’”  In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

Romans 1:8-12  I thank God through Jesus for every one of you. That’s first. People everywhere keep telling me about your lives of faith, and every time I hear them, I thank him. And God, whom I so love to worship and serve by spreading the good news of his Son—the Message!—knows that every time I think of you in my prayers, which is practically all the time, I ask him to clear the way for me to come and see you. The longer this waiting goes on, the deeper the ache. I so want to be there to deliver God’s gift in person and watch you grow stronger right before my eyes! But don’t think I’m not expecting to get something out of this, too! You have as much to give me as I do to you.  In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

Shavua Tov!

From this day on, from this twenty-fourth day of the ninth month, give careful thought to the day when the foundation of the Lord’s temple was laid. Give careful thought:  Is there yet any seed left in the barn? Until now, the vine and the fig tree, the pomegranate and the olive tree have not borne fruit.

“‘From this day on I will bless you.’” Haggai 2:18-19 NIV

Rest in Me


‘Come to me if you’re tired, weary, burned out and I will give you rest. You’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me – watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.’ Matthew 11 28-29 Message Translation.

Christians often talk about the Lord telling them to pray and rest in Him. What does this mean? Does it mean we must take to our beds and sofas and kick back for the rest of our lives, giving up jobs and lives and staying at home?

As appealing as this may sound, on the contrary, if we are praying in all circumstances, we have the confident hope that the Lord is actually telling us, ‘Pray and I will do the rest.’

This sounds so simple. He is certainly stronger than we are, has our best interests at heart, can see the future before it happens and has designed each of us for a specific purpose (this is why comparison is futile and steals our happiness.) The Lord’s grace is enough for us; His power is made perfect in our weakness.

We are not to try to understand, underestimate or know how He does things. The grace of the Lord is stronger than all our faults and failures. His love for each of us is deeper and greater than our hearts could ever fathom. We must humble ourselves, therefore, before the Almighty God, for truly He alone is the One who gives and takes away.

Do not be afraid to go boldly forth into the new day. Just as none of us would go into the laundry basket and take out yesterday’s clothes to wear, so it is with the mercies of Christ which begin fresh each day. We must not take the garbage of yesterday into the freshness of today. Why be afraid when we are given a spirit of love, courage and a strong mind?

As St. Paul writes in 2 Timothy, when the going gets tough, take it on the chin, just as Jesus did, running the race of faith, love and peace. Let’s not be argumentative but be gentle, listeners, keeping cool and keeping on, keeping on.

Asking the Lord to help us and sort out our stresses and messes starts a positive cycle of strength and reassurance, relief from pressure and real progress. This is most certainly difficult to start with but will become easier as we rest in Him, spending more time in prayer and thankfulness for all He has done and is doing for us. As our “Attitude of Gratitude” develops, we will see how our days become less stressful and more productive. The rest will come and our bodies will become physically and mentally recharged and stronger.

“You pray, I’ll do the rest,’ says the Lord. The rest of our hearts, souls, minds and lives is found as we pray, trust, believe and obey that He is with us always. The rest will come in the Lord’s time but, in the meantime, He will equip us through the Holy Spirit to cope with life and its grenades. We can confidently go in to today to work and enjoy the freedom He has given us through the price paid through His death and resurrection.

Lord, in your mercy, help us pray and let you do the rest. Help us to remember that you are a God who loves us and has our best interests at heart. Help us Lord, graciously help us go into today with happiness and gratitude for all you have done and are doing for us and through us for the good of each other. Help us develop attitudes of sincere gratitude. Enable us, Lord, to set aside stillness in each day to listen to you. In this stillness may your Holy Spirit help us remember times when you have answered our prayers and enabled us to to more than we could physically or mentally have achieved in our own strength. May we openly talk with others about these times to encourage, refresh and build one another up. Bless us, good Lord. Thank you Lord for we can’t do this without you.  Amen.

Word from Baghdad: Take Risks!

Below is a copy and paste from a recent  Facebook update from my friend Canon Andrew White a.k.a. The Vicar of Baghdad, encouraging us all to take risks.


Take Risks

So often I have said to people don’t “take care, take Risks”. When I recently received the William Wilberforce award over all the posters and the programmes were the words “Take Risks”. People often think those words came from me they did not they came from my great mentor in life the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Donald Coggan. It was he who married Caroline and I and even baptised Josiah.

I will never forget when he first said it to me we were walking in Mayfair in London. We had just been to a reception of the Council of Christians and Jews. Walking down the road he took my arm and held it very tight and said to me. “You are a young Curate I want to give you just two words of advice for your ministry Take Risks”. I have never forgotten those words and never will. A few weeks after that great meeting I was visiting Pope John Paul II. I was with the Young leadership section of the International Council of Christians and Jews. I went for a walk with the pope through the Vatican and he turned to me and said you are at the early stage of your ministry you will go far if you always take risks. “Yes your Holiness I said I promise I always will”. This is indeed what I have done throughout my entire ministry.

For me risk taking has affected every aspect of my life and I know for a fact that when I have not taken risks I have limited the work of the Holy Spirit. Now in retrospect I know when I have done this and have asked God’s forgiveness for these mistakes I made and I know that my Lord and my God has forgiven me.
So how have I taken these risks of the kingdom:

1, Risks in Asking Much from God

2, Risks in working for Reconciliation

3, Risks in dealing with bad people

4, Risks in bringing enemies together

5, Risks in giving everything

Dear Pope Francis…


If Pope Francis pays heed to the heartfelt cries of not only these women but to the silent prayers of Christian women all over the world who are single not through choice, then the floodgates of marriages made in heaven will truly open.

Think of it like this: churches all around the world are outnumbered by holy, sexy godly women.

Meanwhile, the Vatican is full of holy, sexy, godly men. I know. I was there last summer and was so distracted by them all, I had to eat my gelato with sunglasses permanently fixed to my face even at nighttime.

Why should His Holiness, Pope Francis, not take these godly sexy bulls by the horns and release them to charge forward with the power of the Holy Spirit behind them to find the women of their dreams and fulfill God’s wish for us all to live in love with one another?

As far as I am aware, St Paul wrote in I Corinthians 7, marriage is not such a bad thing after all. Jesus healed St Peter’s mother in law. Adam and Eve kick started the whole game of love in the Garden of Eden. It’s time to rethink a principal based on a 1,000 year tradition which is not based on Biblical realities and move forward.

Pray and stay alert. The Winds of Change are blowing.

Is Isaiah 35 prophecy actually happening now?

Is the Bible really proving itself to be true these days? Right before our eyes?  The proof quite possibly is in the pics taken today from my car. This area of increasing green shrubbery is roughly 100 kms2 and stretches from the Persian/Arabia Gulf shore towards the Sahara desert. Read Isaiah 35 and see if the pictures match the word of the Lord uttered through the prophet Isaiah and make up your own mind. Tomorrow, I will post pics of the pools of water randomly springing up out of nowhere.

IMG_4927 IMG_4928

Good stories for Good Friday.

tumblr_mcvs50XE161r6dxlpo1_500So often, people get caught up in the gore and nastiness of Good Friday. Now, I’m not saying that as Christians we should ignore what the Lord went through for us, but let us remember that had Good Friday not happened, there would have been no reason to celebrate Easter Sunday. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday saw the Lord abandoned and betrayed by those closest to Him, tortured, mocked, mutilated and crucified to a cross between two criminals. The world cried out in various manifestations of despair when Jesus breathed His last and His spirit left His body. So many times, we cry out to God in despair. We are mentally and physically tortured both in our silent screams and in our visible circumstances. But the hope is that Jesus Christ, the Man, the Son of God made flesh, GETS IT! There is NOTHING that we go through on earth that He cannot empathise with. All along, the hope is there as we progress towards Easter Sunday. We kneel by the cross, looking at the Lord’s face, scarred and mutilated. And here He is looking deep into our eyes.

‘Hold on,’ He whispers.

The message of Good Friday is Hang On! Hope! Good things are coming. Believe!

I wish you all a peaceful Good Friday. God bless you.