Eat, Sleep, Do: Venice


With so much to see and do, travelling doesn’t give us enough time to write plenteously, but it does give us time for reflection. In a further bid to simplify life, here are 3 things to do in the cities I have visited both this summer and at other times. I hope they help you plan and discover a little bit more of both the world, yourself and mankind. 

Eat, sleep, do: Venice

Sleep at the Santa Magherita Guest House. Why?

  • Clean & Safe
  • Next to a monastery. You will be able to listen to the monks practising their canticles and arias as you lie in bed at night. If you’re lucky, like I was, you might get the sights and sounds of a glorious thunderstorm thrown in for effect. There is a little bridge right next to the guest house which I stood on and watched the lightning as Mozart’s Requiem was rehearsed. Really…
  • Breakfast table right by the front door so you can grab some fruit and biscotti as you run out the door to start your day’s sightseeing.

Eat at the little trattoria behind the Rialto Bridge to the right hand side. I can’t remember the name but I stumbled across it whilst following the signs for the W.C. (it’s across the little piazza where the loo is situated).


  • It’s quiet and clean.
  • They do a mean pasta carbonara and a perky glass of chilled white wine without the hustle of the crowds and hassle of the pizzeria waiters near to the bridge.
  • I had lunch here with a bunch of locals (which included 4 gondoliers in their stripy tops) and not a tourist in sight. Hurrah!


  • This is the city to walk in. Take a left, take a right or go straight. Wherever you wander, you will see something beautiful (or find a place to stop and buy some more gelato).
  • Obviously, you’ll want to wander over towards St. Mark’s Basilica but there are so many unique places which will touch your heart and imagination.
  • Hop on a boat and take a cruise on the cheap around the city. Don’t take a taxi boat or a gondola as they are expensive. Take the metro boat for the same views at a cut of the price.