Prophetic Word re Azusa Gathering Move coming to California

Re the Azuza move in California which is scheduled for April – I had a dream last night about the Calabasas Mountains, just outside Santa Monica. There was a swimming pool and there were all these little orange kittens drowning. I was also there with a couple of teacher friends.
Here’s what I’m sensing today as I’ve been pondering it over.
A huge move of redemption in the spirit over California coming .
A cleansing of a spirit of deception (cats)
God’s redemption and a holy fear and anger regarding social injustice coming out of it from the people (red colour – orange is combination of red and yellow). Yellow – lot of people moving courageously towards the outburst of the Holy Spirit as it will be so very wacky when it hits.
Godly fear – and a spirit of fear being destroyed as people repent and are washed clean. They will have to go really deep as the water in the pool was infinitely deep and had no real sign of its depth or of its depth ever ending.
The mountain was the revelation of God.
Down below a lot of people were just carrying on as usual. These guys were dudes I knew from years ago who were involved in religious, church groups. They kept playing basketball in the sunshine oblivious to what was going on up above on the mountain. Their vanity kept them from getting involved in what was going on.
The new move was messy and noisy. It was scratchy just like little kittens. So, be prepared as you go into the Azusa gathering. What happens will be so new and alot of people you expect and want to ‘get’ what the Lord is doing won’t have your back.
I think the teaching aspect means we have to get back to teaching the word but it will be a fresh revelation that draws people in.
The kittens, could refer to a lot of little children, getting hit with the HS – also signifies a playful aspect to this move. We’ll miss it if we’re not childlike.
Oh and also watch for Kim and Kanye blasting the world with a Gospel Message.  The Lord is going to use them and their influence for good.  A lot of redemptive stories will come from them and they will set a lot of people free with their testimonies etc. Global NewsRooms and Corporations will soon be reporting this move of Kimye’s testimonies, the celebrity salvations and of the Azusa move of before and of today.




As the end of the year draws quickly to a close, we expats across the world have already begun packing our bags to return home for Christmas. Expectations and tensions can run high at this emotionally charged time of year and, as adults, it is difficult to not wish that life could just this once rekindle a child like expectation of the excitement and wonder of Christmas Eve stockings, presents and selection boxes for breakfast. If only everything were as exciting as when we were children and Santa’s letter was sent up the chimney whilst our little legs measled against a roaring fire and our hearts fluttered.

Sometimes, prayers can seem like a will-he/won’t-he-bring-me list to a God who seems as real as Father Christmas. “Has He actually heard this prayer I’ve been groaning for the past ten, twenty, thirty years?” we wonder.

Unfortunately, more often than not, our words and hope just simply run out. We’ve reached the end. Our prayers take too long to get answered and we grow weary, just like the end of the year, when our dinner consists of biscuits and toast and our throats grow raspy.There seems no answer in sight. While our bodies ache for some kind of closure to prayers we have whispered in the dark and cried out in the silent, lonely places only we know, the all powerful God who made us is on silent. We’re left feeling confused, angry, bewildered, exhausted and despondent.

Disappointment and sadness envelop the child like hope and light within and we just give up. We’re left sitting alone in a big, drafty room in a vacant, dark, haunted house.

And then, ever so quickly and subtly, something inside us just switches off because, let’s face it, there really seems to be no response from a Santa like God sitting in a distant, imaginary land full of elves and wooden toys.

In this talk, we hear how any amount of faith, no matter how small it is, is enough. Let me write that again. Any amount of faith, no matter how small it is,  is enough. It is enough. 

A Christmas Prayer List for God for Expats:

1.Help us have faith to just believe that you’re working behind the scenes

2.That you haven’t forgotten us.

3. Please, Lord, send us all true love, peace, happiness and joy this Christmas.

4. For those of us travelling home to family situations, Lord, we beg you for short queues, simple check ins, upgrades, spacious seats, and swift travel. May we all think before we speak to those we haven’t seen in a while, remembering that the power of both life and death lies in our words.

5.  To those of us away from family and friends at Christmas, please send loving, happy people to encourage and nurture us during this reflective time of year.

6. But most of all, help us, Lord, to speak to the mountains in our life with the confidence and hope that only you can miraculously give us.

Thank you, Lord, that you will bring us so much wonderment over this Christmas time to allow us to return in January with so many stories of your goodness and blessings upon us. 

Pax vobiscum.