Meet, Eat, Pray (www.meeteatpray.com / #meeteatpray)  was inspired to inspire people to get together, cook, pray and look out for one another. It was written during a time when the author, a thirty something European female, was living in the UAE desert and working on the Saudi/UAE border. Metaphorically, everyone goes through a desert time in their lives. It can be tough to make the first move and reach out to someone when we are in need, lonely, hurting, afraid or feeling like everyone else is coping. I hope and pray that this website will help those of you in the world who are in their own personal or geographical desert lands to reach out to one another and be blessed. The first step is to put on some good tunes. I hope I have added suitable tracks for everyone. They certainly lifted my spirits when I listened to them whilst preparing my dishes and entertaining my guests. There can be many guests or just one other, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you are not eating alone. Try out the recipes and please email me with any suggestions. Finally, pray! I have added a simple prayer at the end of each posting. I hope it encourages and lifts your soul. My endeavour is to share the Lord’s peace and love with everyone who stumbles across my musings. Thank you for stopping by! 

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  1. Enjoyed reading your article Jude. It reminded me of a quote by Oscar Wilde who said “after a good meal you can forgive anyone, even ones own relations”

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