Foetus found in bin. Northern Ireland Abortion Laws MUST change.

This tragedy just wrecks me. Northern Ireland is a divided, bigoted, binary country dictated to by religious zealots who have held the monopoly of power over us all for too long and have created tragedy after tragedy after tragedy.

The latest ruling on abortions stigmatises women’s rights and has shocked the country. Please, please pray for healing over here. We’re being governed by right wing, religious, mysogynistic nutters and it’s not good.

A dead foetus was found in a bin because a frightened 19 year old ordered abortion tablets from the internet and took them at home. Had it been anywhere else in the UK, professional, discreet help would have been readily at hand to enable alternative solutions to be discussed with her and she would not have ended up with a criminal record.

BUT, I am a great believer in flipping what we see in the natural and applying it to the spiritual. This horrific circumstance shows us how at the minute, the protection of females and the feminine, creative, multi tasking side of the church must be protected otherwise tragic, grotesque things will happen and births and the new will be aborted and left abandoned.

Lana Vawser has also released a word today with regard to the new birth and movement of the spirit. Pray it into it all. Stay alert and pray at all times and in all circumstances. The Holy Spirit will move and shake the land through us, y’all, but we must carry the power and authority humbly, working in God’s way and not via our own judgmental misinterpretations.

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