Abortion Laws in Northern Ireland Must Change!

Northern Ireland has an archaic judicial system which needs rapid legal incendiary device applied to accelerate it into the 21st Century. If there have been no guidelines or similar cases to compare this case to, then now is the time to step up and change the law before more tragedies like this take place. The legislation, like so many others in this country, is over 150 years old, back before women could vote and we had running water, electricity in our homes and free education for children.  Like everything, there is of course a ‘polarised debate’ on this matter needing urgent reassessing. This is a binary, backward country – binary in that there are only two choices to everything:  religion, sexual choices, gender, brown bread or white, Guinness or Smithwicks. Things like this make me so embarrassed to be Northern Irish. The young girl was obviously filled with social, moral and personal fear. No doubt, there is some religious, right winged, affiliation to the story lurking in the background and about to burst forth in angry, self-righteous song. Please God there is counselling on tap for all involved and please, please God no smug, off key songs from the #DUP and misogynistic religious representatives.  #Prochoice.


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