Whilst praying and worshiping the Lord last night with a group of friends, some pictures and sounds came into my vision. I asked the Lord to explain what was happening and He showed what He desired to take place in the lives of His much loved brothers and sisters.

Hillsong song: I surrender

This song reminded we of my desert days in the Al Gharbian region of Abu Dhabi when I used to listen to it in the early hours before driving across the desert plains to work. The Lord was showing me at that time how He anoints our heads with oil and our cups overflow. He drew my mind back to those days and told me to tell you that He is now anointing us with fresh oil on our heads and bodies. Look out for this happening as we pray and worship. It may feel wacky at first, perhaps your hair will look greasy in one patch and no matter how much you wash it, it won’t look clean. Believe me, it IS clean hair! You’ve just got the anointing of the Lord on your head. You’re blessed. The Lord is touching your head and is WITH YOU! There will be more real life manifestations of the touch of Jesus on our lives now as we worship. Don’t be afraid. Be awed! This is the new thing He promised us. It’s the new wine in the new wineskin. Just roll with it. Cool things are happening and we’re part of it. It is vital that we are not afraid of looking stupid as we worship the Lord. Just as King David danced before the Lord and annoyed his wife, don’t let yourself be restricted by how you may look to others as you are worshiping the Lord. He will honour our obedience in our worship.

2 Samuel 6 15 David and all the Israelites were excited—they shouted and blew the trumpet as they brought the Lord’s Holy Box into the city. 16 Saul’s daughter Michal was looking out the window. While the Lord’s Holy Box was being carried into the city, David was jumping and dancing before the Lord. Michal saw this, and she was upset at David. 17 David put up a tent for the Holy Box. The Israelites put the Lord’s Holy Box in its place under the tent. Then David offered burnt offerings and fellowship offerings before the Lord.18 After David had finished offering the burnt offerings and the fellowship offerings, he blessed the people in the name of the Lord All-Powerful. 19 He also gave a share of bread, a raisin cake, and some date bread to every man and woman of Israel. Then all the people went home.20 David went back to bless his house, but Saul’s daughter Michal came out to meet him. She said, “The king of Israel did not honor himself today! You took off your clothes in front of your servants’ girls. You were like a fool who takes off his clothes without shame!”21 Then David said to Michal, “The Lord chose me, not your father or anyone from his family. The Lord chose me to be leader of his people, the Israelites. So I will continue dancing and celebrating in front of the Lord. 22 I might do things that are even more embarrassing! Maybe you will not respect me, but the girls you are talking about are proud of me!”23 Saul’s daughter Michal never had a child. She died without having any children.

2.  Apple trees.

This has nothing to do with temptation, although I did sense that the Lord wanted to emphasize His salvation NEVER runs out or that He changes His mind some days and takes it from us when we slip up or have a bad day. He is the same yesterday, today and forever and His love for us never fails. The apples were ripe and ready for harvest. The orchard was so beautiful. Everything the Lord creates is beautiful. I don’t think we really take enough time to really let this sink it. Take a minute now, close your eyes and ask the Holy Spirit to bring to mind some beautiful things you’ve noticed in the world around you recently. Ask Him to give you new eyes to notice and to delight in His creation.   These new eyes and heart of gratitude will change you, your environment, your family and your work and change the world. We need to be ready to pick the apples and take the harvest. Many of us have prayed and prayed and prayed and seen no results but now the results of our prayers are right before us. Take the apples and eat them. The blessings of the Lord are good and for our good. Enjoy them!

3.  Persist in your prayers

I was surrounded by a bright light and I started to look up. I could see the nail marked feet of Jesus above my head. He was seated on the throne and I so very badly wanted to get His attention so I started tap, tap, tapping on the bottom of the throne and shouting out to Him that I was there and didn’t He see me and to pull me up. “Hey! I’m here! Hello! I’m right here! Can’t you see me? Hello Lord, I’m here! Jesus! Can’t you see me? I want to come up! I want to come up!” The Lord replied, ‘Of course I can see you. Come up here. Pull my arm and come up!” I stretched out my arm and He pulled me up and I could see a whole vision of a Promised Land in front of me. He told me to tell you that He wants you to persist in your prayers and your callings out to Him. He hears you but wants you to really think about if you are willing to take the risk and be pulled up into another earthly dimension to gain a fresh, global perspective? Read the story of the Persistent Widow in Luke 18. Persist. But also read the rest of the chapter and be reminded of when the Lord answers your prayers and blesses you, walk humbly, be childlike, be obedient and look at the world through the eyes of Kingdom currency and value.

Revelation 4: 1 (Jesus says to John when He is showing Him heaven): Come up here and I will show you what will happen after this.

Revelation 11: 12: Then the two witnesses heard a loud voice from heaven say, “ Come up here!” And both of them went up into heaven in a cloud. Their enemies watched them go!

4.  Two Keys

I could hear the sound of rattling keys on an old jailer’s keys. The Lord was saying that He is our ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ Jailer. There were two keys on each one of these circular key rings. One key is the key to all the things you’ve locked away which have hurt you deeply and you’d prefer not to deal with. The Lord wants you to ask Him to come to you with your particular key ring with your own two keys to open up that box of pain, shame, regret, hurt and allow Him to go through it with you. The other key is to open the door into a Promised Land specifically designed for you to carry out His plans for your life and for the good of the Kingdom. Plans for you to prosper and not to harm you. Plans for your hope and a future. But you must deal with the first smaller box of darkness and pain before you can open the door and enter your own specially designed Promised Land.

Revelation 118 I am the one who lives. I was dead, but look, I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.

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