Christian Snobs – Update 30th March, 2015


30th March, 2015

As some friends had contacted me to discuss how the posting had sounded almost contrary to the Lord’s teaching on not being yoked with unbelievers, (and I completely agree with what they had said about most definitely hearing from the Lord before proceeding with serious, committed relationships with non-believing Christians/interfaith marriages etc.), I wanted to clarify a few things as I had written and posted the blog late one night with out any serious editing having taken place. Apologies.

I wrote the posting on the blog with the understanding that we are about to embark on a whirwind/tsunami/typhoon of change. I have no idea exactly what is going to kick off but the words “Global Awakening Of All Human Life” are what I hear as I write.

I was sensing that from now on, we are to be more alert to the people around us.

This I am most certain of:  We’re on the point of a dramatic shift of which the world has never experienced. Our vision needs to be owl like and 360 degrees as opposed to only looking at what’s in front of us. We must be alert to those around us. There are also many things happening in the natural which are manifestations of the spiritual e.g desert storms and rainful here are the symbolisation of miraculous outpourings and changing dynamics and shifting sands of our lives as they once were. We are also seeing the desert begin to bloom once more.

If one definition of Revival is when people are more openly talking about Jesus and what He represents and the Father as a loving God, then we are most definitely in the thick of it here in the Middle East. I have seen miraculous healings almost every day ranging from toothache and mouth swelling disappearing to bee stings calming. I have been partaking in and overhearing conversations where people are openly talking about how they have recently started praying to Jesus again and seeing dramatic answers to prayers. Exciting times.

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