Fissures of Men

A word for this year, 2015:

We as believers will become more like ‘Fissures of Men’ ie pains in the backsides of those who are caught in the midst of the Glory Fall of this coming year. To those perishing we are a stale stench; to those who believe, we are a sweet smelling fragrance.

We will be caught in the midst of the War for our Peace. Stand firm and be rooted at all times in the peace of Jesus which will pass all understanding and keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and the love of Christ.

Also be prepared for more false prophets to arise in the midst of the outpouring of all prophesying in the last days. Pray for the discernment and stillness of mind to recognise all things that are not of Jesus.

There is going to be a serious power surge within the Christian community and many will fall away.We must hold fast to the mast of the sails on the boat He puts us into this year. We have been prepared through our sacrifices for this time. The religious spirit and those who are living unholy lives will be exposed. Keep focused on the promises of Christ esp that of the rainbow- see the video clip I shot on Christmas Eve. God’s promises and power are co existent and never fail.
Peace out. Lovelovelove 💕🙏

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