Word from Baghdad: Take Risks!

Below is a copy and paste from a recent  Facebook update from my friend Canon Andrew White a.k.a. The Vicar of Baghdad, encouraging us all to take risks.


Take Risks

So often I have said to people don’t “take care, take Risks”. When I recently received the William Wilberforce award over all the posters and the programmes were the words “Take Risks”. People often think those words came from me they did not they came from my great mentor in life the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Donald Coggan. It was he who married Caroline and I and even baptised Josiah.

I will never forget when he first said it to me we were walking in Mayfair in London. We had just been to a reception of the Council of Christians and Jews. Walking down the road he took my arm and held it very tight and said to me. “You are a young Curate I want to give you just two words of advice for your ministry Take Risks”. I have never forgotten those words and never will. A few weeks after that great meeting I was visiting Pope John Paul II. I was with the Young leadership section of the International Council of Christians and Jews. I went for a walk with the pope through the Vatican and he turned to me and said you are at the early stage of your ministry you will go far if you always take risks. “Yes your Holiness I said I promise I always will”. This is indeed what I have done throughout my entire ministry.

For me risk taking has affected every aspect of my life and I know for a fact that when I have not taken risks I have limited the work of the Holy Spirit. Now in retrospect I know when I have done this and have asked God’s forgiveness for these mistakes I made and I know that my Lord and my God has forgiven me.
So how have I taken these risks of the kingdom:

1, Risks in Asking Much from God

2, Risks in working for Reconciliation

3, Risks in dealing with bad people

4, Risks in bringing enemies together

5, Risks in giving everything

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