Good stories for Good Friday.

tumblr_mcvs50XE161r6dxlpo1_500So often, people get caught up in the gore and nastiness of Good Friday. Now, I’m not saying that as Christians we should ignore what the Lord went through for us, but let us remember that had Good Friday not happened, there would have been no reason to celebrate Easter Sunday. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday saw the Lord abandoned and betrayed by those closest to Him, tortured, mocked, mutilated and crucified to a cross between two criminals. The world cried out in various manifestations of despair when Jesus breathed His last and His spirit left His body. So many times, we cry out to God in despair. We are mentally and physically tortured both in our silent screams and in our visible circumstances. But the hope is that Jesus Christ, the Man, the Son of God made flesh, GETS IT! There is NOTHING that we go through on earth that He cannot empathise with. All along, the hope is there as we progress towards Easter Sunday. We kneel by the cross, looking at the Lord’s face, scarred and mutilated. And here He is looking deep into our eyes.

‘Hold on,’ He whispers.

The message of Good Friday is Hang On! Hope! Good things are coming. Believe!

I wish you all a peaceful Good Friday. God bless you.

2 thoughts on “Good stories for Good Friday.

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